Advanced React: Design System, Design Patterns, Performance

Become Senior in React JS by Gaining in-depth expertise in Design Systems, Design Patterns, Performance, Typescript etc.
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Learn to build React projects that stay up-to-date even before they’re finished, and discover how to make React applications that are easy to grow and keep up with a system that really works.

If you are exploring this course, chances are high that you’re a React developer looking to level up your skills. In this case, You are in the right place!

The promise of this course is simple: By attending this course you will become the React wizard at your company!

In this course, we touch on unique topics in several modules including, design systems, design patterns, performance optimization, and advanced Typescript with React.

This course explores numerous advanced subjects to guide you in constructing React applications that are maintainable, scalable, and high-performing. It covers topics like scalable project architecture, effective techniques for managing asynchronous operations and API states, advanced component patterns, performance optimization, local and global state management patterns, and more.

If you are a junior or intermediate developer then you will need to master these topics to consider yourself as a senior developer and become ready to apply for senior positions.

All the materials of this course are based on years of experience working on several React projects and every single concept comes with concrete examples.

All the topics are presented with practical real-world examples so you can apply everything in your day-to-day projects right after.

What you will learn:

1 – Advanced Component and Layout Patterns

As a senior software developer, I have identified the topics covered in this module as crucial elements that I seek when interviewing React developer candidates. These patterns can help bridge the gap between being a junior or intermediate developer and becoming a senior React practitioner.

By finishing this part, you’ll have the opportunity to explore React’s most essential design patterns.

2 – Performance Optimization

Explore many essential techniques for improving and optimizing the performance of your applications to make them blazing-fast and your users amazed – Optimizing Re-renders, Long List Virtualization, Throttling, Denouncing, Code-Splitting & Lazy Loading, and more!

3 – Advanced React Hooks and Concepts

There is also a section about some advanced concepts and hooks and their use-cases as they can help you tackle some challenges in the related scenarios.

4 – Advanced State Management Techniques

Master advanced state management techniques that will allow you to easily manage, share and reuse stateful data in your application. Explore patterns to manage state in a clean, readable and scalable fashion and take advantage of hooks, Immer and Context API.

5 – Scalable Architecture

Learn how to create scalable architecture for your React applications that is actually easy to manage and extend.

6 – Efficiently handle API requests and manage API states at scalable

Learn advanced patterns for managing async operations, API states, and request cancellation by implementing a flexible and scalable API layer and combining it with React-Query.

7 – Design System and Encapsulating Styles

Managing large-scale projects is not just about coding components. Developing endless components without losing track requires solid design systems to guarantee the reusability and maintainability of every element of the project. We will walk you through the concepts and theory, then we develop some basic components in Figma and finally, we build an extensible foundation of design in ReactJS. So you build a mindset of how to design and develop a clean and reusable design system. The greater focus of this module will be on encapsulating styles to guarantee more reusability across your component library.

8 – Clean Code Tips

We also teach you some tips about clean code in React. In this section we explore concepts such As props along with optimizing some performance issues with the Context API.

9 – Advanced Typescript

Last but not least, we explore Typescript the React way! In this module you will learn how to effectively use TypeScript with React components, ensuring that you utilize the appropriate properties. Additionally, discover how to employ the Context API, React Hooks, and type props in order to develop more resilient and type-safe applications on a larger scale!

So long story short, if you wish to tackle all these interesting topics and bring your skills to the next level, then join me in this course!

This course will be under continues progress and more modules will be added based on the students feedbacks!

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!