Communication Skills and Personality Development

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The course, Communication skills and Personality development focuses on learning the important skill sets that helps you effectively and efficiently communicate your ideas and messages in simple ways and also on time.

Understanding these soft skills related techniques for communication is valuable both for your personal situation (development) and at work place (for your professional career development).

You can utilize these skills together with other skills like presentation skills in selling your business ideas (getting investors) and services, and promoting or marketing any idea, as well resolving conflicts in many situations, and negotiations.

The course is applicable to people on all levels.

Course Modules / Structure

The Course is divided into 4 Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Communication

Module 2: Communication Skills

Module 3: Personality Development and Communication Skills

Module 4: Practical Application of Communication Skills

CASE STUDY – Using Fictional Person/Name like Dominic

– Dominic is a very smart and intelligent person, but when it comes to selling his ideas or communicating an interesting topic or findings, he suddenly finds himself struggling with it.

– This has led to Dominic losing some very great opportunities, as well allowing things go bad sometimes in his communication approach with friends and colleagues.

– Dominic is now concerned, and he is considering looking for ways to improve himself and especially his communication skills.


– In case above, what do you think Dominic should consider doing?

What You will learn in this course (Takeaways)

– Definition of Communication

– Communication Process, Features/Components

– Principles (7Cs) and Importance of Communication

– Barriers to Communication

– Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications

– Definition of Communication Skills

– Importance of Communication Skills

– Top Communication Skills and Attributes

– Four Skills of Language – Listen, Speak, Read, Write

– Definition of Personality and Personality Development

– Key Elements, Characteristics of Personality

– Importance and Role of Personality Development

– Personality Development and Communication Skills

– Example Application of Communication Skills – Group, Presentations, Meetings, Managing etc.

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How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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