Your 6-Figure Guide to Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

Start, scale, and automate your eCommerce business with Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping and Commerce Manager shops.
Andrey Kozlov
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Fire your boss and build a scalable full-time income with Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. Forget about paid Facebook Ads and testing a bunch of unprofitable items on Shopify that are eating into your profits and hard-earned money. Facebook Marketplace offers dropshippers over 100MM+ U.S. shoppers who are actively looking to purchase an item, and all that traffic is given to you for free. Facebook Marketplace is also the easiest way to get started with eCommerce and dropshipping, and is an essential opportunity for both expert & beginner dropshipper looking to expand their eCommerce portfolio.

And a little bit about myself – my name is Andrey. I quit my full-time job at an advertising agency in October 2020 as a Paid Search Lead, as I was able to finally crack the dropshipping code, and now I want you to do the very same with me in this course. With this said, not only will you learn about Facebook Marketplace dropshipping from A-Z, but I will also show you how to scale this business model to a full-time level using a VA team, and Commerce Manager shops, a new focus by Facebook that is being heavily promoted by Facebook itself. Here are just a few topics that you can expect to find in this course:

· Live Examples of Product Research, Listing, Pricing, and More From the Instructor

· Creating Quality Listings from Top-to-Bottom to Maximize Conversion Rates

· Finding Winning Products and U.S. Suppliers Using Several Methods

· Handling Account Suspensions, Disapproved Items, Seller Metrics

· Commerce Manager Shop Onboarding and Full UI Overview

· Automating Efforts Using a VA Team and Advanced Software

· Fulfilling Orders and Getting Around Amazon TBA Tracking

· Handling Customer Service and Resolving Returns

· And More!

This course will work the best for the U.S. residents, as Facebook Marketplace requires SSN verification for the shipping option, while Commerce Manager shops accept SSN and ITIN. I also have to be honest that it will be tough to achieve a scalable full-time income for international users, as Facebook does not like VPNs, and can disable your shipping option, and lock your account (personal experience), so international users please be warned in advance.

Moreover, you can carry over your winning products from Facebook Marketplace and / or Commerce Manager using my methods and test them on any other platforms such as eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Mercari, Amazon, and more. In other words, treat Facebook Marketplace as your starting experimental product testing platform, and scale from there to other sales channels (just gave you a free tip, by the way).

So with all of this said, if you are in the U.S. and are looking to finally quit your day job, fire your boss, and build a scalable full-time income with Facebook Marketplace dropshipping and eCommerce – you came to the right place! I included a preview video if you are interested in learning more, and I will always be available within 24 hours to answer your questions on Udemy, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn.

Ready to make this happen? Enroll now and let’s get this Wi-Fi bread together!

Creating a Listing That Sells
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