Basics of Sheet metal design for Mechanical design engineers

Learn Sheet metal design, processes and practical design considerations along with Design projects.
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Sheet metal design is an important skill in industry today and will be in the future. Due to its versatility designing with sheet metal finds applications in almost all major industries where physical products are manufactured

This course covers the essential basic theoretical and practical knowledge required for Designing Sheet metal parts aimed at Design engineers who are designing products

  • The common processes

  • Materials and the properties which matter for design

  • What is anisotropy

  • Comparison between hardness, toughness and strength

  • What happens to the Material when it is formed or Bent?

  • The Theory behind Forming and Bending

  • Form-ability and Bend-ability of metal sheets and what factors affect them

    • What are underlying principles which make a metal formable?

  • Forming limit diagrams and how they are created

  • Bending Parameters  in design

  • Bending direction and its affect on quality

  • K factor, Neutral axis, Bend allowance

  • The concept of Spring-back and ways to reduce it

  • What is wrinkling and why does it occur?

  • Deep drawing process and Practice

  • Rolling, hydroforming, Stretch forming

  • Joining processes and their comparison

  • Equipment used to perform operations

  • Design Guidelines to create cost- effective designs which are suitable for manufacturing.

  • Design projects with considerations

So if you are a student exploring the world of product design  or a design engineer who wants to make products with sheet metal then this courses will be a good value addition.

The course is designed with short to the point explanations with focus on right understanding towards thoughtful design.

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