Concepts in Personality Development

Know about the fundamental concepts of personality and how to use them in practice to enhance your personality.
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Personality and its development is a very common word which we keep hearing in our common language. We must have heard people about “his personality is not that great” or “I like her personality” or “slight changes in his personality and that would make him successful”. People keep talking about personality and even suggesting other people about its development, without understanding its meaning or the elements involved in it.    

There is no doubt that personality is a very important concept for every individual. According to dictionary the meaning of personality is “The complex of all the attributes–behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental–that characterize a unique individual.” There are so many elements involved in personality that people find it too complex to dig deeper into it. In this course we will try to understand the basic theoretical concepts associated with the concept of personality and try to understand them in the simplest form.

We have tried to touch upon the important concepts associated with personality and its development so that the learners are able to grasp the concepts and utilize them to enhance their personalities and develop other individuals.

Objective of the Course

  • To touch upon the main theoretical aspects of personality.
  • To provide the toolset for the learners to understand their personality and to get more insights about others.
  • To strengthen their image in social circles by utilizing the concepts explained in the course.
  • To expand their knowledge base to understand humans better.

Target audience for this course

Let’s talk about the people for whom this course is designed:

  • Any person who is interested in understanding themselves better, through understanding their own personality and behavioral patterns.
  • People who want to connect with other people effectively, as understanding other’s personality and utilizing your own personality you would connect with others better.
  • Learners who want to expand their knowledge base in the concept of personality and personality development.
  • People who want to learn new skills and improve their competencies, because after understanding your own personality you would be able to develop specific skills which are suitable for your personality. 

What can you expect after completing this course?

  • To learn the theoretical aspects of Personality.
  • To understand the concepts associated with personality development. We will talk about the theoretical concepts and practical aspects of personality.
  • To know about powerful tools to analyze the personality of others and self.
  • The tools learnt from the course can be applied in the real life immediately, to help themselves and others.

Expectation from the learners

  • The learners have the freedom to take the course as they want, but it would be beneficial that they follow the flow of the course. Once the course is complete they can choose any topic to reinforce the concepts by listening to specific lectures again.
  • It would be important to complete the course which would allow them to touch upon the major theories and other tools associated with personality development.
  • To do all the exercises and follow the instructions as specified in each lecture, which would allow them to strengthen their concepts. Some of the exercises would be for self-analysis, while other exercises would be to analyze the personality of other people. It would be beneficial to utilize the knowledge gained for its application and usage in the practical life.
  • This course is to build the fundamentals in the theoretical aspects of personality. The learners should not stop there, instead they should look for the resources and books to enhance their knowledge about personality and its development.

Basic qualification for the course

  • Anyone with the interest in the concept of personality can take this course.
  • Basic knowledge of English is required as that is the medium of the course.
  • Just like any other knowledge-based product, sincerity for learning is required as without it the learners will not be able to extract the real value from the course.

Right way to complete the course

  • To get the maximum value out of this course you need to start from the beginning and move step by step forward. Follow the course with its flow. This is important as to understand a topic we need to get clarity about its previous topics.
  • It is required that you follow the instructions as specified in each section. In some of the places it is asked to pause the video for an activity, while at other places you would be asked to refer the documents provided with the course. Following the instructions would help you to become the better learner in the course.
  • It is suggested that even if we have some brief understanding about a specific portion, it would be beneficial that we complete those topics in the course. It would act like the good revision for the subject and act as an opportunity to build a momentum for completing the course.
  • After understanding a specific portion of the course you need to utilize the momentum to learn the topic from other resources and books

Index and flow of the course

The structure and flow of course:

  • Personality- A general view
  • Jung’s classification
  • MBTI – Myer Briggs Type Indicator
  • Determinants of personality
  • Theories of personality
  • Personality Pattern
  • Concept of self
  • Symbols of self
  • Molding the personality
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Self-awareness- Johari Window
  • Healthy and Sick personality
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