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How to Build a Profitable Web Design Business & Web Development Agency with WordPress, Divi, SEO and Maintenance Plans
Leighton Smith
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I’m Leighton, your webmaster. I’ve devoted over 15 years to designing and developing hundreds of websites for reputable businesses across the globe. Commitment to quality has earned me over 100 5-star reviews.

Now, I’m offering you my secrets. Let me share the tips, tricks and skills I’ve learned while owning a successful web design business.

But why web design? What’s the appeal of this type of business? Are you interested in:

  • Financial freedom?

  • Freedom to work from anywhere in the world?

  • Freedom to set your own schedule?

  • Freedom to choose whom you work with?

Yes, there are tons of benefits to embracing this industry, and my master class will teach you:

  1. The Fundamentals of Web Design — Coding, Domains, Hosting, Emails, SSLs, WordPress, Divi.

  2. How to Build a Website — Visually Designing & Developing One-Page, Multi-Page, eCommerce and Mobile-Friendly Sites, and where to go for Design Inspiration, Image Assets and the best Design Tools.

  3. How to Create Your Brand — Which includes your professional website, logo, email address, business cards, digital portfolio and how to promote your web design brand.

  4. Search Engine Optimization — Using both on-site and off-site techniques, and how to sell SEO services.

  5. Website Maintenance Plans — How to build value and create passive income by offering to your clients a Maintenance Plan that includes Hosting, Management, Updates and Security Services.

  6. How to Serve Clients — Where I’ll walk you through the entire process: Earning & Interviewing Clients, Quoting Their Website, Sending Proposals & Contracts, Invoicing & Taxes, On-Boarding Clients, Designing, Developing, Polishing & Launching Websites and Maintaining Your Clients.

  7. Conclusions and Takeaways — 10 Key takeaways for success, 10 things I wish I knew starting out and 10 things to avoid running a web design business.

Basically, you’ll learn the solid foundation you need to start running a successful web design business. I don’t believe in guarantees. I don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes. But I do believe in honesty and hard work; with the knowledge from this course, in tandem with a solid work ethic, you can reap the benefits of this wonderful business. I’ve seen the potential first-hand. Let me help you!

I promise to teach you these practical, actionable concepts in a fun and engaging way. Each lesson will have opportunities to “pause and do something,” including applicative homework assignments, where you can put these lessons into action!

Let’s get started!


Featured Reviews:

“This course is Amazing! Everything I learned so far for Web Design is because of Leighton and his ability to teach and explain in a simple yet elegant style. The illustrations allow for a smooth learning experience which makes it fun. If you truly want to learn how to start your own Web Design business, this course is the one!”

– D. Barrett, Freelancer in East Tennessee, USA

”I love this guys energy and real clarity. I wish he could teach me everything about tech! Most courses are so much fluff as they try to stair step you to the meat and potatoes. If anyone out there wants a crash deep dive into all things website building I recommend this course 1000%.”

– L. Hall

“This is one of those rare tutorials that actually lays out a solid business plan for a pretty low risk opportunity. The step-by-step guide laid out in these videos is very valuable.”

– M. Schoenbeck


Software and Services for Success:

Domain, Web Hosting and Divi are required in this course, since we will be using these when teaching you how to build a website. We recommend building your website while watching this course. You can utilize any domain and hosting services you want, but IONOS and Cloudways are the ones we recommend if you aren’t already invested in another provider. We also require WordPress, which is free, but it must be installed on your own paid hosting server.

Adobe Software: www. pioneer .media/adobe

GoDaddy Domains: www. pioneer .media/godaddy

IONOS Web Hosting: www. pioneer .media/ionos

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting: www. pioneer .media/cloudways

Moo Business Cards: www. pioneer .media/moo

Divi WordPress Theme: www. pioneer .media/divi

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(The links above take you to the services referenced in various lessons. These are the services we have been using since 2006 and highly recommend in this course. Clicking through our affiliate link is optional. We will receive a small commission, but this is a nice way to be kind to your webmaster! These are the best services we could possibly recommend in their respected fields. Please enjoy!)

How to Build a Website
How to Create a Brand
How to Serve Clients
Conclusions & Takeaways
How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!