(Oxford) Diploma : Art, Art Therapy - impact and application

(51 hrs) The Oxford Diploma in Therapeutic Art - focus on application and impact through Art Therapy exercises
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Note: This course does not qualify the recipient to perform any form of therapy or counseling for any other person

Sections included:

  • Brain changes and the impact of paintings

  • The Art activist section

  • Having a positive impact on people

  • Children creativity and the coronavirus

  • Stress art and Covid 19

  • Covid 19 and all it brings

  • 12 art therapy exercises in the sun

  • Nature

  • Learning and Mind Maps

Stop press!

Brand new section featuring three artists and digital activism.

This unique course on therapeutic art (paintings) looks at three areas:

–   The impact on the brain of viewing art

–   Various paintings – some famous, some not – and their impact on you

–   Opportunities for you to create art

Why is this course unique?

–   It includes artwork that is nowhere else on the Internet – and this work is then analysed looking in particular at symbolism.

–   A clip from a film in which the Instructor appears is included as part of the course

FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN lectures covering the following:

–   Introduction

–   Brain changes

–   Making sense of shapes

–   Embodied cognition

–   Effectively viewing

–   Returning to the Science

–   Therapeutic paintings – Kadimali

–   Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies

–   The twilight of life

–   Venetian glass

–   Sorrow

–   At the Linen Closet

–   Meeting of cultures

–   Appreciation

–   The Agony in the Kitchen

–   Consumerism

–   Actually DIY

–   Art and the NHS

–   Emotions

–   Brexit

–   Changing the world

Art Therapy Workbooks:

  • Coping with the 2020s

  • Bringing joy

  • Art Therapy at Christmas

  • Therapeutic Art workbook

  • Art therapy and Depression

COMPULSORY How to have a positive influence on people through art
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You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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