Oxford Diploma: Art Therapy:create books; run (4) workshops!

All you need to a) create a book and b) run FOUR Art Therapy workshops (including the Art Therapy exercises)!
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This course will show you how to run several different Art Therapy workshops AND also give you many ideas to enable you to write a book – plus a step by step process. The course includes TWO books written by students on the course! The key to gaining from this course is DOING THE EXERCISES and PARTICIPATING IN THE Q/A.

This is the only Art Therapy course on Udemy that has workshops already designed – and then you adapt to your own use – and/or art therapy books designed. SIX students on the course have now published their own books. Even if you’re not interested in writing a book or holding a workshop there are many art therapy exercises and many discussions here for you to be absorbed, involved, stimulated and enthralled (not at the course but at the work of others – prompted by the lectures!) So, Art Therapy lectures, Art Therapy Workshops, Art Therapy books – and Art Therapy discussions!

There are FOUR very specific sections that can be used to run workshops as follows:

1. Art Therapy Workshop for Teenagers

2. Art Therapy Workshop for Seniors

3. Art Therapy Workshop for the anxious

4. Art Therapy Workshop for Vegans

These are detailed workshops that can be adapted by you and thus you have the workshop all pre-planned!

Note: This course includes an Art Therapy ebook by Elina Ghanbari

Ok that’s the summary. The course includes 100+ ways of reducing stress, many many art therapy exercises, website links and throughout an encouragement to post and share your work.


1. 100+ ways to reduce stress

2. 100+ Art Therapy exercises – many with explanations as to why the exercise ‘works’.

3. A manual written (and published) by a student

4. Many examples of Student Artwork in response to Art Therapy exercises

5. Details of the scientific research (Art Therapy)

6. Step-by-step instructions (and ideas) to run FOUR Art Therapy workshops!

Step by step Instructions in writing an Art Therapy book!

TWO recent reviews:

“I wanted to send my personal thanks to Chris Bankes Sivewright, for helping me step into my potential outside of fear and anxiety. Since I’ve started this course, I’ve started writing again, as well as started teaching workshops to a small group of over 600 people. I’m sincerely looking forward to continuing with your course, as well as future courses, and peeling back more layers of my own perception. With sincere thanks!”

– Melissa

This is an really amazing course, I wouldn’t mention this as a course rather it is truly a therapy. I definitely suggest everyone to take this up”

– Chaithanya

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